Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

many thoughts:

-as an it follows advocate i refused to watch this when it leaked so i could see it in theatres and i was rewarded for my patience bc this looked so good on a big screen

-i’ve been seeing a lot of ppl dislike this bc they find it pandering and with too many loose ends but to me that seemed very purposeful and self-reflexive - plot points left unresolved mirrored sam’s own lack of resolution

-i love that david robert mitchell pulled a lars von trier and played part of his own movie WITHIN the movie and then even brought in those actresses lfskagkjf

-miss riley keough is really in all the most divisive movies lately but is killing them all

-also i feel like this movie would have gotten better reception if A24 had just released it when they initially planned to bc pushing it back kind of gave it a bad rep before ppl had seen it and now a lot of ppl won’t even get to! makes me sad bc even though this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea it still deserved better

-this movie made me realize how much i missed andrew garfield it’s been a while since i’ve seen him and i’m just in love w him forever and always <3333

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