Us ★★★★★

only once jordan peele has made a film about every sociopolitical issue will the world finally be a better place.

my mind is still reeling!!!!!!

but for real, us is very different from get out in that while the latter had a concise, pointed commentary that there could be no question about once the final credits rolled, the far more abstract and metaphorical approach of us allows for so many different analyses of the film. i’ve seen a lot of takes on the role of identity and the duality of self, and while i do think this plays a crucial role, i think peele was touching on something far more political here - a much broader, systemic issue that affects those on both side of the coin, and reminds us that we can just as easily be on one side as the other (it’s practically begging for a Marxist reading). i have not stopped thinking about this movie since i saw it, and i keep discovering new things just by going over it in my head, so i can’t wait to just pick up even more on rewatch.

(i also must add that i loved every single musical choice made here wholeheartedly)

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