Waves ★★★★★

tiff #11

this is a very special film. wow. it's gonna sound like i'm just overhyping it, but trust me, i'm not. i don't even really know where to begin. trey edwards shults has crafted something so singularly pure and immersive—it's the kind of movie you don't realize you've been waiting for. i can't even really go into that much detail describing the film itself—not even just for the spoiler factor, but for the reason that it relies less on its narrative than the emotions it seeks to evoke. this is emotion-driven filmmaking. i haven't seen a film in recent time where form and narrative go so hand-in-hand; one cannot exist without the other. there is no story if not for the way it is presented visually and sonically (and oh my god it is so beautiful), yet it resonates so deeply with internal life as it is lived. every single member of this cast completely acts their ass off. kelvin harrison jr and taylor russell are gonna be huge. trey edward shults has created something so beautiful, tragic, nauseating, and hopeful. this is the kind of movie that changes lives.

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