The 10 Most Essential Majid Majidi Films

Majidi, juxtaposes contemporary themes with the merging lifestyles in Iran. His films demystify the Iranian culture for a global audience. His protagonist has always been from among the people. Majidi’s stories are often about the grapple for a dignified existence within the bounds of a volatile political environment. It is implicit that this would invite comparisons with the Italian Neo-Realist movement .

Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Ranked

Quentin Tarantino, in his own way, mixes the most commonly known ingredients of film culture and prepares a truly original dish, every single time. As he has made it official that he will retire after making a perfect ten, we have ranked Tarantino’s nine films from the one we least liked to his best.

All Batman Movies (Including The Batman) Ranked, From Best to Worst

In honor of the highly-anticipated release of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”, it seems only right to take a step back and reminisce on this group of wildly diverging comic book flicks. For this list, we will only be considering the Dark Knight’s theatrically-released solo outings, so entries from the DCEU will not be made eligible; with all due respect to Batfleck. That being said, make sure to grab your shark repellent, fire up the Batmobile, and prepare for vengeance. Here’s…

10 Films To Watch If You Love Parasite (2019)

If you loved Parasite’s thrilling twists and turns, there’s a sure chance that you will love another acclaimed South- Korean director Park Chan-wook’s 2016 film The Handmaiden. The director who created the masterful Oldboy, his latest offering is an erotic physiological thriller that begins with a woman who is hired as a handmaiden in a Japanese household. Thereafter, all the secrets of this household come crashing down, one after the other. Inspired by the novel The Fingersmiths by Sarah Waters,…

10 Best Manoj Bajpayee Movie Performances

Manoj Bajpayee is one of the finest actors of our generation. His foothold in Hindi cinema has spanned both the commercial (Satya and Shool) and the independent (Kaun and Pinjar). The most striking feature of his varied filmography is how well he consolidates the nuance in his body language even when the films he acts in are unquestionably mediocre. He managed to do something incredibly unique through his sheer skill- to make us think through his humour.

10 Great Drama Movies From Around The World

The drama genre features stories with high stakes and a lot of conflicts. They’re plot-driven (Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs) and demand that every character and scene move the story forward. Dramas follow a clearly defined narrative plot structure, portraying real-life scenarios (King Richard, Spencer) or extreme situations with emotionally-driven characters. 

10 Best Hindi Films Of The Decade (2010S)

2001 was a landmark year in Indian cinema. Films like Dil Chahta Hai and Lagaan ushered us into a new era of Bollywood. A period that saw the distinction between mainstream and alternative cinema fading. A lot of stars endorsed films that were till then only done by “actors”. There was a lot of experimentation. There’s some hope with some decent films doing well, and even mainstream stars like Ranveer Singh (Gullu Boy) and Varun Dhawan (October) supporting something different. But we…

10 Most Underrated Movies of the Decade (2000S)

The decade of 2000s brought in a very prominent paradigm shift in the Hindi cinema. The language of cinema changed with Dil Chahta Hai, the magnitude of movies became ambitious with Devdas, romance turned relatable with Jab We Met, patriotism had a new meaning with Chak De India, and kindness was the new cool with Munnabhai MBBS. We also got introduced to the twisted, dark mind of Vishal Bharadwaj and Anurag Kashyap. Whatever the fruits of a more evolved and tolerant…

Recent reviews

It is a rare occurrence to see an actress’ career create such a stir in a film industry that even before the title credits of the film, the audience is aware of its legacy. That Udanpirappe is Jyotika’s 50th film is exhibited in a logo and a pre-title montage and makes a strong case for the actor’s celebrated movie characters. Billed as her ‘second innings’, Udanpirappe is the second film released under the banner of 2D Entertainment, jointly made by…

Bright (2017), directed by David Ayer and featuring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, looked like a fresh and original entry in the fantasy genre that is filled with remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, and watered-down adaptations. But then the movie ended up being bad, which killed its chances of getting a sequel. And the fact that its writer, Max Landis, turned to be a sex offender motivated people to wipe any and every memory they had about the movie. So, when…

Everyone likes a good redemption story. A person fighting all the odds, getting over one’s hardships, internal battles, or indulgences – we can easily resonate with such a character arc. Raja Raja Chora’s protagonist goes through a similar journey with his indulgent, greedy and uncaring self. He rarely makes decisions based on logic or reasoning while showing a strong urge to be appreciated and liked. With his character at the center, the film achieves an ingenious balance between the comic elements and its emotional core.

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The Manor

The Manor


Written and directed by Axelle Carolyn, The Manor (2021), which marks its entry into Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse series, begins with Barbara Hershey as Judith, whose 70th birthday celebration with close friends and family turns from smiles to a sudden fixture that paralyzes her completely. She falls flat on the ground and the screen fades to white amidst the muffled concerns. (One can’t help but recollect Black Swan in a parallel universe, as Hershey played Natalie Portman’s mother there…

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It’s interesting revisiting a film I hadn’t seen since theatrical almost 35 years ago. Certain images and moments jumped out at me, sure. But the truly bizarre thing watching a movie that came out when you were 10 is to get that sense memory of what that long gone time looked and felt like. The clothes, the hair, the cars, the sensibilities. All outdated, but strangely so familiar. Like they never left me in my mind and heart. I’m not…





Marvelous. Christian Petzold took my breath away with Phoenix, a film at once so harrowing and enigmatic that its ending is less of a overt shock and more of a stunned observation. The final puzzle piece clicked into place with grace and elegance. Here, with Undine, Petzold shapes that sense of mystery into a reconfiguration of a fairy tale, with modernity at its basis. His talent as a director is certainly rooted in a classicist approach. An entire history…

Matt Reeves’ rendition of the infamous superhero, announces its arrival directly from the horse’s mouth. Robert Pattinson, who plays the shadowy Gotham City superhero is heard before he actually appears; not like lightning but like the shadow that he claims to have become. He also introduces us to the array of rats, scums, and delinquents that have managed to rack up the crime rate of the city. He, like a good samaritan who has some personal issues with the low-lives,…

2022 Ranked

Film #9 of HORRORx52 2022

I will preface this by saying I have only ever seen the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and now this one. None of the sequels though, so keep that in mind with my score.

Now, I am genuinely surprised that this has an average LB score of only 2.1. Of course I know it isn't "good", but a 2.1? That's pretty close to some of Bruce Willis's recent films. And this isn't those.