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  • White Lie

    White Lie


    White Lie is a 2019 film by directors Calvin Thomas and Yonah Lewis telling the tale of a girl who supposedly has cancer and spends all her waking hours trying to raise money for both her case and charities, except that it is not true, she does not have cancer and it is all built on a big, not-so-white lie.

    The plot of the film sounds so simple but the truth is, nobody ever attempts films like these. This unorthodox…

  • Son-Mother



    The oppressive patriarchy, rigid theocracy and orthodox religious practice in Iran lead to abuse and hardship of helpless people who become a tool for their exploitation. And if it’s a woman, the stern moral obligation to conservative society and religion drown them in the abyss of despair with no freedom of choice whatsoever. It has far-reaching consequences which dribble down to threating the familial relationship & individuality within the claustrophobic social structure in documentarian Mahnaz Mohammadi fiction-feature debut ‘Son-Mother’ (Pesar-Madar).


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  • Room



    Lenny Abrahamson's Room has two of the best performances of the year. But Even though it has a range of emotions to convey it feel shrouded and mute. The mediocre cinematography & editing take away much off the emotional heft that film could have scored out.

    - SV

  • Jazbaa


    Get some whacky color composition, combine them in such a rioting mess that makes Mumbai look ugly red light area. Let Aish flaunt her in shape body, scream her heart out, and ask Irffan khan to hop on this mess (money maketh the man). Aaaah, get some foreign film dvd n if time permits, write some random shitty lines. Disaaaaaster !