10 Great Shows Like Midnight Mass that are set in Small Towns

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Midnight Mass’ continues in the lineage of extraordinary original works by Mike Flanagan (Doctor Sleep, Hush) on Netflix. The American filmmaker’s penchant for the horror/supernatural genre was known, but his television series trio has been a revelation. His latest work is set on a secluded island of Crockett Island, inhabited by just hundred something residents. It revolves around the miraculous changes that the people on the island start witnessing after the arrival of a new priest. The slow burn gradually unfurls the shocking, macabre truth that sparks the incredulous chain of events. ‘Midnight Mass’ has a fervent religious connection and deep-seated notions about mythological folklore. It is atmospheric, closely guarded, and never stops being compelling, especially episodes three and four.

We decided to make a list of very similar shows like ‘Midnight Mass’ set in small towns with similar nature of storytelling so that you can continue enjoying your watching spree. From Mare of Easttown to Sharp Objects here is the list:

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