5 Films to Watch if you like The Adam Project on Netflix

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Shawn Levy, who previously directed the uber-fun Free Guy reteams with Ryan Reynolds for Netflix’s time-travel adventure The Adam Project. To put it to a basic sci-fi test, one has to consider that this is a family-friendly entertainer, which, for obvious reasons, has Reynolds playing the same character he has played ever since Deadpool yet again.

From Stars Wars to some of the most famous time-travel movies, Levy references just about everything with both hit and miss results. While the jokes don’t always land, when it is the fast-talking, bring-down-the-house attitude that Reynolds brings to his cutesy ways, one can’t help but chuckle.

To add to that, The Adam Project is also occasionally moving, albeit overtly goofy about its sci-fi leaning; leading to a plot that is both juvenile and familiar. It doesn’t help that the film keeps shoe-horning its idea of ‘catastrophic events’ due to the characters’ time travel down our throats. Since this isn’t a particularly inventive fiction fable, that alone serves no purpose whatsoever. 

Anyway, it is still a pretty watchable outing that could be a great double bill with some of the best time-travel (or otherwise) movies that I have put up on this list.

From The Terminator to Looper, here are some movies you should check out if you liked The Adam Project:

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