6 Films to watch if you Liked The Starling on Netflix

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The Starling on Netflix is directed by Theodore Melfi of Hidden Figures fame. It stars Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd as this grieving couple who are unable to kick-start their life after the death of their daughter. While there are a few genuinely moving moments that poignantly hint towards the stepwise process of trauma, healing, and grief, The Starling is mostly a misguided affair that uses the tragedy as a plot device. It is a film that doesn’t understand its own strong aspects and instead hides it under floppy layers of comedy and self-growth tropes. The result is a film that might bring tears to the eyes of audiences who are easily manipulated. If you are one of those here are 6 other (mostly better) movies from Manchester by the Sea to The Broken Circle Breakdown that you might like:

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