The 15 Best Netflix Original Movies of 2021

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Let us be honest here- Netflix’s 2021 was like any other year. Other than a few overrated, chart-bursting favorites, there was only mediocre content spilled all over. From yakuza actioner Kate to the romantic comedy He’s All That, there was no dearth of cringe-fests either. While it might mean a greater number of web shows on the platform, that just means a new low for feature-length cinema.

However, Netflix also surprised by bankrolling a few festival favorite films like The Power of the Dog & The Lost Daughter. These were brilliant and at times so away from the platform’s aesthetics that they didn’t feel like a part of it. So while the mediocrity did confirm its presence, there were some true gems scattered all over the platform. Here, I’ll make your task easier. This list acknowledges the best of Netflix in the feature-length format this year. From out-and-out thrillers to slice-of-life comedies and from horrors to psychosexual tragedies, the list has it all.

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