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  • Blame


    Having actors playing roles younger than their actual age can come off phony. As much as a 28-year-old thinks they can tap back into their high school self for a role, it's not as easy as throwing some slang phrases together and being in a clique mentality.

    Blame has annoyingly accurate high school characters, which puts you in an academic Delorean back to when you felt like everyone was talking about you during Biology in the worst type of way.


  • Flames



    Narcissism in relationships is more prevalent than most notice or would care to acknowledge. "Don't leave me" also translates to "I don't want to be alone" and not much is placed on the other person's emotions. Document your relationship and the eventual downfall of it to figure out what happened is very one-sided.

    The filmmakers and once real-life couple, Josephine Decker and Zefrey Throwell both acknowledge this. As much as it is Decker's project that she's in, it mainly becomes…

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  • The Decalogue

    The Decalogue


    Kieslowski's magnum opus is a vast ten-hour-long epic that displays The Ten Commandments in a realistic light. I thought going into it that ala the film about "thou shall not steal" would simply be a film about not stealing... but this is Kieslowski we are talking about.

    Not only do these films go above and beyond what the source material entailed, it does so in a non-preachy way and also while being entirely relatable and understandable. These aren't ten tales…

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    10 Cloverfield Lane


    Every filmmaker dreams of having a hype for their film ala Cloverfield. The experience leading up to it is unprecedented by any other film experience I’ve seen before or after. It seems like every movie trailer released in current day shows way too much and you already know what’s going to happen before you even buy your ticket. All it took was one beheaded Statue of Liberty in a untitled teaser trailer released before Transformers to send the movie industry…