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  • In the Mood for Love
  • Pierrot le Fou
  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles
  • Possession

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  • Cop Land


  • On the Run


  • Lux Æterna


  • Crimes of the Future


Recent reviews

  • Cop Land

    Cop Land


    Not sure why I put this one on, but after watching On the Run this week, I was still jonesing for another slice of '90s NYC cinema. through and through.

    Featuring a vast number of familiar NYC actors, this flick more than soothed that itch, but I forgot just how riveting this one is. Stallone's performance still captivated me and of course, Liotta burns up the screen as usual. After watching Imperioli in On the Run and Rapaport in this…

  • On the Run

    On the Run


    Big nostalgia for me with this one! Brings me back to the days of obsessively watching the Independent Film Channel and how it was my my art theatre living in small town Louisiana.

    Great to see so many faces from The Sopranos here and its a shame that Michael Imperioli and John Ventimiglia never really got the opportunity to lead more projects like this.

    On the Run is a great little NYC flick that is as thrilling as it is…

Popular reviews

  • What Have They Done to Your Daughters?

    What Have They Done to Your Daughters?


    Great mix of police procedural and Giallo mayhem. This one is ultra violent, even by Giallo standards. The cast is solid, the editing is swift, and the photography has some rather striking moments. Many of these Italian genre flicks will switch up their tones whether they are trying be sexy or comical but this one is bare and focused, and it never breaks its dour mood.

    Took me a bit to catch on that the main theme had been refashioned…

  • Caliber 9

    Caliber 9


    In 1971, The French Connection changed the direction of crime cinema forever. It's a fierce crime story set in a cold city populated by hard faces. The characters are flawed and make messy mistakes, creating a nihilistic tale of American justice. A year later, Fernando di Leo released Milano Calibro 9, a film that cuts the head off William Friedkin’s baby and brings a ruthlessness to cinema rarely seen before or since.

    Italian exploitation filmmakers had a way of making…