Szamanka ★★★★★

It's a tough thing to say but having seen more than half of Zulawski's work now, this might be his most vicious piece. Consistently, his work is always vicious, but here this is an outright condemnation of Polish society of this time. Everyone and everything is ugly, despicable, and savage. Hell, damn near every cut in this thing feels vulgar.

As usual, I'm exhausted and elated after viewing a Zulawski picture. This one goes for broke (what else would you expect). Its about sex and power and depravity. Its about abuse and madness, and about national mania. There's so much more happening - poverty, capitalism, nuclear destruction, Catholicism, psychotropics, fucking shamanism!, yuppie culture, homelessness, organized crime (maybe!), and industrialism that this picture jams through your eyes, scrambles your brains, and then leaves you in despair, but you find yourself feverishly needing more of that raving cinema only Zulawski can give you. Yeah, this is that fucking good.

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