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This review may contain spoilers.

Pure acidified and electrifying alarming chaos, doubles up the brutality of the social themes treated in Heaven Knows What on a bigger scope and different scale, from institutional racism to emotional abuse. 

Constantine "Connie" Nikas takes advantage in how smart he can be to lie and constantly manipulate others during an hour and forty minutes of an anxiety-ridden race against time, also taking profit of everyone’s social and mental status, as desperate as he is or more. He emotionally manipulates his mentally-ill brother, Nick, so he can rob a bank with him, which puts Nick in jail, which will make Connie face the consequences of his actions throughout. He practically breaks into people’s houses and spreads chaos all through them using lies and other people’s status to take advantage of them, and achieve its goals. He selfishly abuses, in one way or another, every person that gets embarked in his journey, going from indirectly putting his brother in jail because of the stupid decisions he makes to also indirectly causing someone else’s death. By simply doing all these actions, willingly or not, Nikas causes collateral damages all over the suburbs of New York and even if it’s on a small scale, the life of the people who met Nikas that night will never be the same again. All these stupid and disastrous actions just to end on one of the most marking ending shots I’ve ever seen (not the real final shot, but the one in the car).

The Safdies’ craft here is doubled in energy, resulting in an extremely tense neon-lit, loud and sweaty drama piece which will be one of the greatest the 2010s had to offer. Truly stunning, sad and moving in many, many ways.

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