Heartland of Darkness

Heartland of Darkness ★★★

“Your sick game is over.”
“No, my foolish friend. It’s just begun.”

Not sure if it’s because I’m tired tonight and my brain is only half charged, but I couldn’t figure out of this movie is just plain bad or a self aware goof. Either way, there were tons of head shaking laughs to be had, so it’s entertainment value is pretty high regardless. Watch for any scene involving the f-bomb dropping constantly angry sheriff and  the the young satanic reverend giving his best Laurence Olivier performance. Also try to disregard the fact that the newspaper editor and his daughter appear to be within the same age group. Movie magic.

The Visual Vengeance BD is packed with physical goodies. VHS stickers, a mini Linnea Quigley poster and an official movie tie-in prayer cloth!

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