Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

What's a good time? Getting dye bombed in a moving car? Drinking toilet water? Running throw a glass door? Getting your ass kicked because someone changed the channel on the TV? Trying to bail your bro out with the money you stole, but you're still 10,000 short? Trying to convince this crazy bitch to use her mom's credit card to bail your bro out, but it's canceled? Busting your bro out of the hospital and staying in strangers house to figure what the fuck to do? Making out with 16 year old girls? Finding out that that dude you busted out of the hospital wasn't your bro? Breaking into an amusement park to find stashed cash? Knocking out a security guard and pretending to be security guard in front of the cops? Selling a bottle of kekistani SID mixed in a bottle of sprite to it's original owner for 15 grand? Falling 15 stories to your death? Yeah. Sounds like a good time to me....

This film was absolutely brilliant. The whole project as collaboration is perfect from the pulsating fluid score to the neon lit cinematography to the authentic looking real people casting to the lead performances to the script and to the directing. Pattenson gives out the performance of his career. Buddy Duress is starting to gain attention with his hilarious performance. Jennifer Jason Leigh... well, there's nothing you need to say about her. She's a fucking genius. Abdi Barkhad tweaking the fuck out! Ben Safdie is the new Mark Duplass.

Good Time is a nonstop thrill ride laced with neon lights and incessant paranoia. The music is so intuitive with what's happening on the screen. Without the music the movie would still be good, but with it the movie is a modern masterpiece. Bravo.

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