RK/RKAY ★★★★

Finally got to watch this film after a wait of idk how many years. Still regret not contributing to the crowd funding campaign of this film. And I can't believe that he pulled off this film in such a miniscule budget.

This is an out and out Rajat Kapoor show. Him doing what he does best without any thing that holds him down. An Rk fan will see shades of all his previous work in here from Raghu Romeo & Mithya to even Khoya Khoya Chand.

On the surface it's an interesting and fun concept which is quite enjoyable for everyone whereas deep down it is a study of the writer/filmmaker questioning his latest film, the superficial characters he has created and himself.

Also isn't it a sheer joy to see Ranvir Shorey and gang in all RK films 😃

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