Room 237 ★★★

One of the most compelling aspects to The Shining is the way it both invites and confounds conventional interpretation. It is not quite possible to say what it is exactly About, since the way it diminishes aspects of King’s original meaning without playing up any single other aspect leaves a perplexing void at its centre that leaves the film no less captivating. As a result, many have tried to impose ‘meaning’ onto the film with their own ideas as to Kubrick’s intentions with the film. 
Rodney Ascher (The Nightmare)’s documentary is a bizarre exercise in interpretative relativism that assembles just a few of the wilder theories into a documentary of quack theorising. The interpretations range from reasonable, yet tainted by some overreaching claims to outright ‘tin-foil-hat’ nonsense reading tales of wild government conspiracy into the slightest of continuity errors. Certainly not one of the interview subjects has the least idea of how a film is actually made, effectively going around looking at every tiny detail as a nail that they can bash with the hammer of their misunderstanding. It’s more of a comedy than a documentary but does act as a powerful cautionary tale for critics of how spending 30 years analysing a movie can clearly drive a person insane.