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This review may contain spoilers.

"Love letter from one of your lovely ladies?"
"Something like that."

So begins post-prime Don Johnston's (played by a delightfully non-reactive Bill Murray) quest to find the son he never knew he had, born from a woman he only had a brief fling with twenty years ago. The problem is, he has no idea which woman it is, and so goes door to door in an effort to solve the mystery. The result is something good, but somehow underwhelming.

For starters, there's the script. Though filled with an easily warmed-to quirkiness, the dialogue still felt forced more than a few times. But, this is mostly saved by the excellent casting of Bill Murray. The man just has the perfect face, and general swag, really, to pull off the sort of minimal nonchalance that director Jim Jarmusch just loooves so much. Yet, even Bill couldn't completely save the film.

Then, there's the ending. It's a fine ending, and I'm all about the kind of openness that the ending leaves us with. It's just that, well, I thought we (the audience) deserved a little more. The idea was fine, but perhaps the ending was under-written. I think that is the problem, that of the ending's execution, more so than the ending in theory.

What I was left with was a good-looking bit of this-and-that vignettes that kinda sorta patched together by a guy who used to date each of these women. It was good, but not something I'll be coming back to. Yep. Good in theory, mediocre in execution.

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