Luca ★★★★

this was a little surprising...i wasn't sure what to expect because the trailers were a bit vague, and now i see why they were. the premise is kind of random? luca's character motivations are bit...under-developed? i love him as a character, he's adorable and i love his curiosity, but nothing really pushed the vespa or school plot, none of his internal goals really manifested themselves in these external circumstances so they all felt a bit...random. also the way he can bike ..?

i think these plots could have better served the characters had alberto's crush (?) been pushed even further (and earlier). idk, i wanted to see more of an exploration of friendship between luca and alberto separate from the vespa plot.

the turning point in the second act was the BEST but it's not used to its full extent and is kind of resolved very quickly but it could've been so devastating...i'm so upset it wasn't used properly

anyway Luca is really cute and i love the bond that luca and alberto formed, that train station ending is familiar (hehe) and definitely a nod to another GAY italian coming of age film. loved how much italian culture was present in nearly every frame of the film: colors of the flag, the listing of pasta names, details in shop windows, etc. very pleasant experience

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