Mysterious Skin

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This review may contain spoilers.

a devastating film. some parts of this were incredibly hard to watch, i almost had to view from behind my hands as if watching a horror film. the graphic scenes are so brilliantly executed in style and performance. the warm colors contrast the harsh reality creating a dissonance between comfort and horror which beautifully captures how neil feels.

i know this is based off existing IP but the premise is great. relating david's idea that he was abducted by aliens to r*pe is really powerful and excruciatingly tragic...the blue light, the fingers on his cheek, etc etc

there is such a tenderness to this film that i'm not sure i can put into words after one viewing. perhaps it was all in the styling, everything felt so inviting - the colors, the score, the abrupt editing style. i'll have to rewatch to speak more on how the cinematic elements elevate the writing.

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