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  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas

    TL;DR: There’s an unironic joke reference to Kavanaugh’s ‘I like beer’ line.
    At face value, this is an above-average PG-13 horror movie. 

    Then there’s everything else in this dumpster fire of a movie...

    They threw a bunch of of-the-moment ideas about feminism, toxic masculinity, problematic history & campus rape into a blender and poured it over a genre movie with no consideration, nuance or grace. For a movie that is allegedly about “strong women” it features some of the least…

  • Parasite



    Enjoyed this even more the second time around. Whereas the end rung a little hollow/forced the first view, it felt utterly devastating - like a wealth-granting rock to the head - this time.

    It was absolutely surreal seeing Bong’s Marty shout-out last night. In film school, I took a whole class on Scorsese that forever changed how I critically read film. During those same 4 years, Bong Joon-Ho was the international director every *with it* professor referenced/taught. I don’t think…