Titanic ★★★★★

This could be one of my more generous five stars but it is rare that I remember the location, who I was with, and the circumstances surrounding watching a movie in a theater 25 years ago.

There really aren't these kind of universally shared cinematic experiences anymore, as even Marvel movies are ignored by large segments of the population, and certainly the three hour sweeping historical dramas are out (sorry Ridley).

Titanic provided a much more comforting rewatch all these years later and it had been awhile as this maybe the first rewatch I haven't had to switch VHS cassettes halfway through.

I could easily make a case for Leo and Kate as my favorite actor and actress since this film, as I went on to appreciate so much more of their work.

Cameron creates a visually stunning film, the scope of which still looks and feels just as impressive today.

The strong nostalgia as well as the factors listed above make it easier to look past some of the stilted dialogue and implausible plot choices, but even judging this film on a purely technical level, I think it would still be hard to get me more than a star lower. 9.5/10

Side note: I never appreciated until this watch that Rose Dawson may have also been the finest art collector the world has ever seen.

AFI 100 Greatest - 10th Anniversary Fill In boxd.it/aFoIO

*I had put off this list for awhile now and figured I'd go for the longest film I had remaining to get me back into it.

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