Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

Christopher Waltz is a freaking legend. And Jamie Foxx in the blue suit? Unmatched. 

This is Elijah’s favorite movie, and I really enjoyed it. I like the shifting tones here whereas I’ve seen others use that as the reason they hate this. It doesn’t bother me like it would in other movies, and I think that’s because Tarantino films feel larger than life. I’m like yeah we just shifted tones but like HOW COOL. What’s next?! As opposed to other movies where it’s just like okay we just shifted tones wtf are they trying to say. Tarantino is able to combine tones, colors, and characters seamlessly in my opinion. And it’s freaking amazing for somebody who has an attention span of 2 seconds. 

Do certain parts of his movies still piss me off? Yeah absolutely. Elijah likes the over the top gore where I would say that’s completely unnecessary and at times abhorrent. But geez…every shot is its own piece of art. Over the top gore or not. And it’s pretty cool to watch. 

This story was pretty sick. The soundtrack was killer. And the after effect of this movie is great. Been thinking about it all day. 

What’s next Tarantino. Surprise me bro.

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