Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★½

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Work of art.
After an amazing and great night of sleep 😃 (i didn't even close my eyes lol), I think Synecdoche, New York just might be one of my new favorite films. The treated themes are simply too powerful for me : Life, death, the time that files, regrets, delusions, failures, obsession, loneliness and depression. All of that in one movie ? Fuck that was made for me.
I feel like I know inside of me that this film is an astonishing work but i’ve to admit that the first watch is a real challenge. It is indeed very difficult to put things together, difficult to describe how you feel about it.. The film left me like no other film did before, something like.. I don’t know. Kaufman is dark as fuck but at least he offered us this huge masterpiece.


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