Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

I recently read a short story where they talked about how true art is something that goes far beyond beauty or perfection. It goes beyond reductive adjectives because the best art seeks answers, seeks for the truth. Truth is not always beautiful, it can be piercing and dangerous, the purest art confronts us with ourselves, our thoughts, our love, our fears, our truth.

Marianne and Héloïse find each other through art, through contemplation. They discover love and truth in one another, and it creates the deepest form of human connection: gentle, real, without possession, filled with understatement and life. They discover freedom, they demystify love and create something new, something that will forever live in poems, paintings, drawing, songs, memories. As lovers, they invent something new, they create each other, they become their own art, their truth.

When you are at a museum, and you see a painting that touches you deeply, you contemplate it forever even if it's just for an instant, it's an eternity condensed in 15 minutes. That piece of art transforms you, makes you look into the deeper parts of yourself, and you find truth in color, in space, in every detail that absorbs you.

Celine Sciamma also creates truth trough her films, she reinvents love, she shows women as they really are, she creates life and beauty in every shot, every sound, and every color. It's cinema that goes beyond "pretty" or "good", it's reality, it's veritas.

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