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Halloween 2021 (6/31)

The Descent is one of those movies I've been waiting forever to watch; its horrifying reputation and the plot created a lot of expectations, and tonight was the perfect moment to watch it.

The first half of the film has to be one of the most chilling, anxious, and terrifying things I've seen in a really long time, I was completely hooked and alert since the second they enter the cave and I was really scared. The feeling of claustrophobia and the impressive camerawork just completely invade you, and you can't help but gasp for air as we see these characters go through every tight place (who does these things for fun???). You can feel the trauma and the pain, with an overwhelming sense of horror and awareness...something lurking in the dark, shadows that seem to move, suffering in silence which each step.

Sadly, after the creatures appear, and after a really fantastic jumpscare, I felt that the movie shifted its atmosphere and that feeling I loved from the first half was gone. There's some great gore and chilling imagery, but it basically turns into an action movie that doesn't haunt you as much. I still enjoyed this a lot, and the ending was really great, but maybe on a rewatch this could go down by half a star.

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