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  • La Femme Nikita
  • Once Upon a Time in America
  • Cabaret

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  • They Made Me a Fugitive

    They Made Me a Fugitive


    That "It's later than you think" sign falling off the wall before the masterful finale, just like that! Great!

    Powerful brit noir with excellent camerawork, a banging macabre story and brilliant acting performances. Griffith Jones as the sadistic Narcy is a topnotch villain and a true asshole. Also very entertaining because there are some very colorful female roles.
    It's not the last time I'll see this flick. Well spent time.

  • TÁR



    "It is not a democracy."

    Best movie I have seen in 2022 until now.

    I was completely spellbound for 158 minutes - nothing could distract me. I rarely have anything like that when watching a film nowdays. A wonderful experience.
    I'm curious if the flick will hold up to a second viewing - but for now: 5 stars for that excellent experience.