Room ★★★★

Room is definitely one of those heartfelt late bloomers in the year that we all love. It went undetected by many (including me) and suddenly appeared as a Best Picture nomination. I decided to watch it and am quite glad that I did so.

First of all, the two leads absolutely carry this film. They delivered stellar performances and easily elevated the effectiveness of this film. They had so much chemistry as mother and son. As another note, that scene with Jack rolling out of the truck almost made me pass out. It was mostly due to the fact that I honestly cared about the fate of the main characters, and that was easily the most suspenseful scene of the film (was so well done too).

The one thing I think I can judge this film on plot wise is that I would've liked to have seen more content from the real world, as well as more on how Ma got into 'Room'.

Is Room going to win Best Picture? Probably not. Is Brie Larson going to get Best Actress? She very well could. Whatever the true answers are to these questions, this film was very enjoyable and not an Oscar bait film by any means.