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  • Zeder



    Similar enough to Pet Sematary that it seems like one has to somehow be a ripoff of the other, although they came out around the sane time. Even has the classic King touch of making the protagonist a writer, though that’s barely relevant to the plot beyond allowing him to spend his time roaming around Europe instead of clocking into an office every day.

  • Old Joy

    Old Joy


    The rare hipster movie that doesn’t drown in its own reflexive self-loathing, although on the other hand I have no idea how you’ll feel about this if you’re not the sort of person who gets nostalgic upon hearing old Air America snippets.

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  • White Man's Burden

    White Man's Burden

    This movie’s gimmick is that the social hierarchy of white people and black people is reversed, but the problem is that the story underneath that gimmick is already a role reversal, with the oppressed white guy turning the tables by kidnapping his wealthy black oppressor. So you end up with a movie about a black guy being continually threatened and abused by various white people, which isn’t much of a role reversal at all.

  • The Black Cat

    The Black Cat


    Boris Karloff saw Bela Lugosi’s widow’s peak in Dracula and said “Hold my beer”