Midsommar ★★★★★

Florence Pugh's screams... everything else 
now i want she choose me to die 

i'm still in shock, seriously i cant stop thinking about how disturbing was this, ari aster did it again, i can't wait to see more of his majestic work
The parallels with hereditary wow

i waited a lot for this and yeah, the long wait worth it, in the first minutes feels a claustrophobic atmosphere, hopeless, tense, it's intriguing. 
Was very satisfying seen the set design, the costumes, the score is brilliant, and the scene of the dance was very envolving, the cinematography is stunning, and the camera work is fantastic.
This movie has everything, full of madness, love potions, flowers, and a lot of blood, i really loved it 

now i'm never wanna get high in a festival on sweden

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