The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

Give me 8 hours of this linear epic shit! More foxes. More swingers. Order/Chaos dichotomies. Most definitely more Barry Keoghan.

But not just an elaboration of what was, give me further trials, obstacles and arbitrary encounters.

No. I don’t want a mini-series.

Strap me to the theater seat and demand unwavering patience.

Sure, postulate a few hypothetical branching realities…

But get me to the Green Chapel for eventual ‘resolution’ at hour 8.

I cannot be more adamant about the 8 hours required to actualize this film. I want to feel hunger and pass out from exhaustion, wake up and still be on the journey. Turn off the AC and let me feel the elements. Better yet, scrap the movie. Let me ride along as Dev experiences the quest firsthand - blood splatters, plunging into the deep, fear of the world acknowledging you as the phony you are.

Good movie.

Last thought, pretty undeniable that David Lowery digs the pixie cut.

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