Curator of the Holerplex, an imaginary Grindhouse repertory theater specializing in eclectic Exploitation fare.

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  • Satan's Sadists

    Satan's Sadists


    This works as a kind of culmination of everything that came before it - it definitely shows Al Adamson's growth as a film maker and successfully marries his earlier, more linear action melodramas with the counter culture vibe he was trying to cultivate and exploit. Basically, it's just about Russ Tamblyn and his gang of sadistic bikers chasing Gary Kent and a hot, big breasted girl through the desert for 90 minutes, but you can squeeze a lot of drama…

  • N.Y., N.Y.

    N.Y., N.Y.


    Working my way through a collection of Avant Garde films, it's amazing how many of them are celebrations of the city that never sleeps and frankly, most of them are pretty boring. Just because you are jerking your camera around while filming a skyscraper, you're still just filming a building. This movie brings together a veritable shit ton of lens, film, animation and other effects to tell the story of a day in the life of the city and really…

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  • Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women

    Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women


    Entertaining but ridiculous doc that finds John Casablancas boasting and bragging about his amazing life as a Model Agent and famous creator of the Elite modeling agency. John is very good at justifying everything he did, like leaving his wife for then 16 year old Stephanie Seymour, and his portrayal of the fashion world is definitely a bit on the tawdry side. Ultimately it all seemed like an elaborate ruse to meet beautiful, often under aged girls and exploit the shit out of them in every way. There is most certainly another side to this story.

  • Virago



    I must admit this was a little hard to follow but basically, when a young woman's mob boss father is assassinated, she puts together an all female commando squad to get revenge on the perps. At one point, there does appear to be 5 actual lady venoms, all with tattoos of birds on their backs, including a chicken and a seagull, but they quickly abandon that thread and the girls join up with another group of bikini wearing fighters and…