The Court Jester ★★★★

Danny Kaye is one of my cultural black spots. I must have watched some of his movies at some stage but drawing a total blank. (OK, just checked and there is of course WHITE CHRISTMAS.) Based on THE COURT JESTER he is definitely someone I want to watch more of. Kinda miss comedies that rely on crazy word play and swashbucklers where the swashes genuinely buckle.

Nobody these days could even perform these kinds of acrobatics anymore. This was to be Basil Rathbone's last fencing scene in a movie. Ironically in his films, being the baddie, he often had to succumb to the hero's fighting talents, yet in real life he was Hollywood's best fencer having previously won a number of fencing championships.

Also look out for John Carradine as Giacomo, King of Jesters and Jester of Kings.