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  • Quicksilver Highway

    Quicksilver Highway


    If Christopher Lloyd showed up looking like this when I was stranded on the side of the road, not only would I have been like "FUCK NO" when he asked me to go with him back to his place, he would have been asking me through a rolled up window in a locked car with my hand on a tire iron.

    Mick Garris really had a thing for Stephen King in the 1990s, but men's duster jackets and desert twang…

  • Evilspeak



    Watched this again today with commentary and I just want to say that I really love Evilspeak a lot, Clint Howard was made for the role of Coopersmith, a rather pathetic guy who is always on edge, dealing with abuse coming from his peers and his teachers, keeping him alienated & weak [the welfare case the prestigious military academy were forced to accept into the ranks], he's constantly blinking away tears and that sweat was very real because as I learned…

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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Let's get this out of the way, The Witch is a horror film, you can put it in all of your other subcategories but, at its very core--it's a genre film whether you feel comfortable with the classification or not.

    This film covers the horrors of colonialism, emigration, religious conviction, starvation, witch trials, patriarchy, puberty, loss, and if methodically exposing each of these very horrifying real life tribulations isn't terrifying and alarming enough, there's a god damn witch and evil…

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    After having over a meter (3 feet for my fellow Americans) of snow fall on us in just a few days, the isolated and trapped feeling gave us great cause to want to watch the ultimate cabin fever-in the depth of winter film. Regardless of how many times one has seen The Shining, it never loses that overwhelming sense of dread.

    As soon as Jack Torrance is in frame, that uneasy feeling takes over. I feel as though I wish…