Avengement ★★★★

I don't like these sort of movies, with realistic fight scenes, they make me very tense in a bad way and it's difficult to watch! I don't think I could watch revenge thrillers/modern action tragedies on a regular basis because I don't have the necessary brain callus for the violence in 'em and I'm not sure I want to develop it, the one I have for horror is gnarly enough!! BUT!!! I'm often in the background while these sort of movies are on in my home and it's easy to see this is the best example the genre has to offer. I can't say I enjoyed watching Avengement but it was a good movie, especially if you're a fan of this genre.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I was pretty excited when the blu-ray didn't work in the player because this is exactly the sort of movie that should be played on my ps4, like every time Adkins geared up to fight I'd glance down at the controller sitting on the coffee table in front of me, I may have gotten a little carried away and picked it up during the Adkins vs multiple baddies & bosses scenes.

Here's a few reasons why I have the impression it's a step above the rest: Adkins isn't out to find the guys who raped/killed his wife and/or daughter, he doesn't have a love interest, Kierston Wareing as Bez!!!, there's a family tragedy @ the center in a fitting location/time with a surprisingly satisfying conclusion, and Sean Murray's "Me Mum" main theme is addictive, who can tell me more about it?

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