Await Further Instructions ★★★½

Await Further Instructions was slightly too on-the-nose in regards to its commentary on xenophobia/racism & toxic masculinity, but it's still an interesting film with a creative take on locking a dysfunctional family up together in a pressure cooker/one-setting situation. The family was hoping for a "proper British Christmas" but once they're trapped in their house with ominous instructions coming from the television, the already divided family must decide whether they should await further instructions from the TV without question or try to figure out what's going on & if there's a way out. I was into the Cronenberg influences and it was well-acted [I've read a lot of complaints about the acting, everyone was decent though?? Maybe I just watch too much low-caliber shit-garbage?]. I liked it quite a bit, admittedly it was after a string of bad movies but it's still worth a look!

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