Cult of Chucky ★★★★

Loved the near-monochrome setting of Cult of Chucky, a sleek & sterile mental hospital-white, characters in varying shades of grey, white and black, filmed in Canada, the ground is covered in snow, and then there's a splash of Chucky, the classic good guy doll is a burst of color, the bright star at the center, Jennifer Tilly showing up dressed in crimson red, like a smear of blood on a white tile floor, there was still a smidgen of that straight-to-DVD-feel but of the highest quality, loved the use of split-screen, you can color me thoroughly impressed with the aesthetic of the 7th film in one of the most consistent horror franchises born in the '80s.

The way CGI-Chucky moved was freaky as hell, maybe it was unintentionally scary but it worked for me! I When he was filmed in profile, he looked ridiculous & hilarious & I loved every second of it.

And, you know what, Brad Dourif essentially passing on his monster legacy to his daughter, Fiona, is pretty special, the final 15-minutes of Cult of Chucky left me excited for whatever is going to come next.