Disturbing Behavior ★★

I saw Disturbing Behavior 20-years-ago in the theater with a friend and her weekend dad, it didn't impress me much then but I enjoyed how bad it was last night.

Sort of love the cookie-cutter-caricatures, each subgroup of teenagers are all styled exactly the same. "Freaks aaaalllll week!" It's always fun when a grown adult man tries to write dialogue for young people because we end up with lines like "who put the acid in my spam?!" or "all those jockos are into it.." making Katie Holmes sound like an undercover cop [I mean, she & James Marsden were in their 20s when the movie was made...]..

My favorite part was when Richard was like "the stoner guy is a bit over-the-top" and I was like "ya think? he's an albino!"

For a movie about sending your teens to freak conversion camp, I was hoping for more of a horror feel but the entire movie felt more like an action thriller, taking one look at the writer & director's work explains a lot.

It's dumb fun.