Firestarter ★★★

Maybe I was reading too much into body language, but I was starting to get worried that David Keith thought Drew Barrymore was playing his love interest and not his daughter. I don't have children so maybe I am not one to comment on this, but isn't it sorta weird if you put your hand on the back of a child's neck to pull them in for a kiss after stroking their cheek with the back of your hand? Like, I thought George C. Scott was playing the pedophile in love with Charlie?!

I always thought it was weird how amazed/shocked/pumped up Martin Sheen was when Charlie [not Sheen] finally displayed her powers in the testing area on a small pile of wood-chips, did he not get the reports of her setting multiple agents ablaze only days before?

The fireballs at the end were incredible and almost enough for me to look past the fact that Firestarter was at least 30 minutes too long. Tangerine Dream was an added bonus!