Laurin ★★★½

Laurin is a German/Hungarian production shot without sound but post-dubbed in both English and German, we started out with what we assumed was the original language but saw the actors were all mouthing/speaking English, so switched to English. Our lead, Laurin has an iffy-dub on her, but she actually doesn't speak much and conveys a lot with sly smiles & hard stares.

While the narrative may drag at times, every single frame is pure opulence, a visual feast for the eyes with Laurin running through a forest full of wet trees that look black set against the almost neon green of new sprouts on a cold & windy day in early spring. Red & pink lighting inside Laurin's home offset by the ghastly Edwardian white fabric draped on beds, furniture, and women, the old stone of the seaside town often shrouded in fog or floating snow, if nothing else, Laurin is absolutely gorgeous and you won't want to look away for a moment.

Károly Eperjes' powerful, ominous performance transcends the poor dubbing, providing the heavy eeriness the movie craves. The actors are mostly able to convey the story through emoting & body language, which is quite impressive.

Apparently the director of Der fan aka Trance is interviewed in the special features on the newly restored, German release of Laurin, I'll comment later if there's anything of interest there, in the meantime, I think you know if this sort of movie will appeal to you and if that's the case, what are you waiting for??