Slugs ★★★★★

[Look, I'm sorry, I know I've already logged this movie 70 times but every single year that I watch Slugs I love it even more, it slimes, it oozes and it kills me with laughter. Fuck it, I have to bump this up to 5-stars because it is quickly becoming one of my favorite movies.]

"I'm sorry for being a bitch so much of the time."

While watching Slugs last night, I kept imagining that all of the actors weren't actually people because everything in this movie truly doesn't make sense, nothing is human and the dialogue is unreal (mostly because of weird dubbing, but whatever), so I started picturing what it was like after they finished filming for the day. Did all of the actors go to their respective trailers and/or homes, remove their clothes, put on some music to unwind, and then unzip their skin as their form falls into a pile of slugs on the ground? Am I just a pile of slugs zipped up in human skin? Is this why I love Night of the Creeps and Slither so much? Richard Laymon's Flesh? Or why I spent so much time this summer taking pictures of the brown, cannibalistic slugs that were all over the outside of our apartment?

I still have so many questions, maybe some of them will be answered when I watch Slugs again next year.

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