Teen Wolf ★★★

When I was a prepubescent werewolf, Teen Wolf helped me get through my own physical changes and I, too, became super popular and awesome at basketball and van surfing, despite also being very short and not very good at anything physical when I wasn't wolfed-out, because then I was just a sweaty kid who was riddled with anxiety and friend-zoning most of my male friends in hopes to one day catch the attention of James Spader.

Now that I have been a werewolf and I am in my early 30s, this movie doesn't speak to me the same way, but it doesn't lessen the profound effect it had on me many moons ago, in giving me that reassuring glance into another teenaged werewolf's life.

I will always think of Teen Wolf fondly, even if it's enjoyable for very different reasons now (in a so bad it's fun way). There was a weird loathing leer at the token overweight guy and a scene with some vulgar homophobia, but it was 1985 and people were still pretty stupid.

If you want to check out a timeless and hilarious film about a young man coming to terms with his changing into an athletic werewolf in high school, then you should do yourself a great service and watch Larry Cohen's Full Moon High, which came out four years before Teen Wolf.

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