The Exorcist III ★★★★

I've built The Exorcist III up for years, essentially since the '90s when I first started extensively reading about true crime and in time it was mostly thought of as a tool of evil, a movie I was scared of even though I had never seen it, knowing that a part of Jeffrey Dahmer's killing ritual consisted of showing his victims this very movie made it something I was too disgusted to watch for many years, and it was hard to separate the actions of a psychopath who wore brightly colored yellow contacts when he cruised for victims, who took pleasure in decapitating men, the movie and the real-life serial killer will always be synonymous in my mind, making it more of a transgressive experience than intended.

It's always fascinating when an author is able to adapt their own work for the screen, and The Exorcist III is no exception. I was finally able to appreciate a film in the Exorcist series with its new approach to the possession film, turning it into a police procedural with brilliant performances from Brad Dourif and George C. Scott. The dream sequence with the Gemini killer's victims in heaven, sewed-on heads & large-winged angels, it was as unbelievable & fantastic as the indoor lightning that burst through concrete flooring, a glimpse into William Peter Blatty's mind.

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