The Matrix ★★★★★

1999, I was 16 and had a boyfriend with a car. On the weekend if we weren't shooting pool or clambaking/hotboxing at the local cemetery, we were at the movies. That spring/summer, we went to see The Matrix four times. At the time, I had never seen anything like it and I can see now, almost 20 years later, why we gravitated towards something new to us--hackers, cyber world building and a mistrust in the status quo were very relevant to a rebellious teenager who was already extremely o n l i n e.

Watching The Matrix at 35, I can better appreciate the gorgeous overhead shots [we are blessed with similar shots in the Wachowski sisters' Bound as well], the night scenes in the matrix with heavy rain & a sleek black car sheltering people in sleek black clothes, Neo waiting at the bridge in the rain, the use of black, green, grey, the reflections in Morpheus' sunglasses & bent spoons--I'm very into the aesthetics, whether they would be considered dated or not, I don't care.

Paced to perfection, the 2-hour running time never felt bloated or lifeless, the action scenes don't glaze my eyes over because they're filmed artfully with a mixture of slow motion and flawless choreography, they made it look effortless as Neo and Trinity dance around bullets and dispose of guns in unison.

I don't know what else to say besides, holy shit--The Matrix is still really fucking good in 2018.

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