The Moth Diaries ★★

The Moth Diaries left me both confused and very annoyed. I know that it is easy to get angry when you don't understand something and have tons of unanswered questions, and I'm going to try my best to not fall victim to my own nastiness and negativity.

What was the deal with the moths? Did I miss something? If you can, PLEASE explain (or at least give me your theories). I wish this was explored more, we see a couple scenes with moths but it doesn't really amount to anything? Was I trying to read too much into the title and the fact that the actress playing Ernessa (Lily Cole) looks like an insect? Was she a moth? A vampire? A ghost? Who the fuck knows. I don't.

The Moth Diaries feels like a novel geared towards young girls, surely because it's an adaptation. There's a handsome teacher who pays a disgusting amount of attention to one of his teenaged students, girl fights, super heavy periods, loss of virginity, eating disorders, the breaking up of BFFs and pesky moms ruining everything. There isn't much here I can relate to on the verge of turning 31.

Through the entire movie I kept getting annoyed with our main character, Rebecca. She can't take a fucking hint that her friend doesn't want to hang out with her and the desperation for the entire running time of the movie is like watching an episode of Stalked.

The true motivation of Ernessa is glaringly obvious from the get-go but the reasoning is very unclear to me. Did she want Rebecca to kill herself at the school so she has a ghost-moth-vampire-friend forever? But, really, was Ernessa even a vampire? I know the name of Lucy is closely related to the beloved friend of Mina in Bram Stoker's classic tale, but we don't ever see any actual blood-sucking. There's an ambiguous scene that could be nothing more than sex. The only blood I saw came out of a nose and wrists.

Why didn't the local police feel the need to investigate the string of mysterious deaths located at the school? Why did the boarding school even stay open?

I feel as though I endured the 80-minutes of extremely unhealthy, codependent-filler for no good reason. There was no pay off in the final moments, just more questions.

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