The Runestone ★★★

The Runestone is a straight-to-video oddity involving Norse mythology in New York City, starring Alexander Godunov (Die Hard goon), William Hickey (Tales from the Darkside), and Peter Riegert as a Pez-eating, Godzilla-loving, foul-mouthed detective; the two main characters aren't anyone I'm familiar with, there's a Matthew Broderick substitute and a woman who just looks like every generic woman in '90s television/made-for-tv movies.

The movie is a real mixed bag, it takes about 43-minutes to pick up, there's a constant struggle to hear what the characters are saying because the music and sound FX drowned them out, and the final confrontation was about 10-minutes too long BUT! there were a lot of moments I really enjoyed too. I loved the special FX, especially the beast, ESPECIALLY when he was wearing an NYPD officer's hat, what a cutie!!!! I could have watched him rip through SoHo-artists, NYPD officers/detectives and archaeologists all night long, but, sadly, there are some really drawn out, dull stretches to contend with too.

What does Ragnarok, a Western Pennsylvania mining town, and New York City have in common? Well, you'll just have to watch The Runestone to find out!