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  • Heaven Is Only in Hell

    Heaven Is Only in Hell

    Heaven is Only in Hell is basically just a peek into a day in the life of a working class Dutch person with them taking public transportation to work, putting on makeup when they get to work, helping customers, drinking coffee, aerobics class, occult stuff, brushing their teeth, reading in bed, close up of a black cat, BLOOD SACRIFICE!, riding bike to work, make some more coffee, do some math, take a bubble bath, another close up of a black…

  • Holy Hell

    Holy Hell


    When I watch stuff like this I realize that maybe it's a good thing that I'm an antisocial piece of shit who has a major problem with people telling me what to do.

  • They Nest

    They Nest


    Even though it should have been totally obvious from the start, I finally figured out why I prefer creepy crawly "animal attack" movies over movies with one big [sometimes mutant or rabid] dumb animal--what's more sinister? Swarms of bugs/parasites that can lay eggs inside of you or a drooling dog? Movies like They Nest fit more comfortably within the horror genre, where stuff like Lake Placid or King Cobra take more inspiration from the '50s trend of big animals, a…

  • Komodo


    I guess the komodos were adorable but the movie--hang on, lemme do my best Jay Sherman--IT STINKS!

  • King Cobra

    King Cobra


    The gigantic cobra/rattlesnake hybrid killer that always looks pissed off = 3 stars!

  • The Curse

    The Curse


    Even though The Curse is a very dated horror comedy with all of the hallmarks of the late '90s/Post-grad/NYC/Gen X battle of the sexes exploration, I still found parts of it quite enjoyable and I am rather disappointed to see that this is, writer/director/editor, Jacqueline Garry's only film.

    At face value this is about a woman who, after being scratched during a lingerie sale by another woman, becomes a PMS werewolf who rips men apart every 28 days, but under…

  • Sully



    Be honest everyone, how bad do you think John Travolta wanted this part?

  • Ernest Borgnine on the Bus

    Ernest Borgnine on the Bus

    When Ernest Borgnine approaches a random group of kids and in a gruff, rushed & determined voice asks "Where's the Dairy Queen around here?"--that's me IRL.

  • Rise of the Animals

    Rise of the Animals


    With a $7,000 budget and a majority of the movie shot in Rochester, New York, Rise of the Animals is a great example of modern regional horror that just works and possesses the charm I can not get enough of, with the Party City body part-Halloween props, buckets of fake blood tossed on the cast and the terrible/hilarious CGI--this is what Asylum movies think they are, a special branch of the so inept, they're good-bad movies, but there's nothing endearing…

  • Zoombies



    Wild Beasts meets Jurassic Park on an Ayslum budget, I fucking hate these movies but I'm sure they have their audience because they keep pumping them out.

  • Shakma



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't have rated this quite so favorably if everyone didn't die in the end.

  • Bride of Re-Animator

    Bride of Re-Animator


    When it comes to the "creating a girlfriend" plot of Bride of Re-Animator & Bride of Chucky, I'm left even more disappointed that Maniac Cop 3 isn't called Bride of Maniac Cop, [FYI Frankenhooker gets a pass because it isn't a sequel, my OCD will allow it].

    Sure, this is more comedic in tone a la TCM 2, but it's really, really difficult not to LOVE it for the amped up gore provided by John Carl Buechler, KNB EFX, &[!!] Screaming…