Black Panther ★★★

Chadwick was purely an amazing force of talent and it pains me that he is gone.
He played this character the best way that he could and through out his entire character's arc he inspired and motivated all of us.
I remember an old interview with Kirby saying "We can do better, we want to do better" and like T'Challa he strives to be a better King like his late father.
There was never a moment where i felt uninvested to his character.
The moment he decides to open his nation's borders with the rest of the world is the highlight of the movie for me.
It depicts a sense of realism of that we shouldn't be closed to each other but united no matter the race or how different we are from each other.
We should not conquer nor hate but coexist.

Rest in Peace Mister Boseman and Thank you for being our Black Panther.