The Devil All the Time ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

I know this gonna sound crazy.
So this circus guy Pennywise decides to get laid and have child named Peter Parker, he commits sacrifices to bring his dead wife back to life kills his son's dog and himself in the process. Peter now traumatised goes by the name Spider-man gets adopted by a family leaving him with his step parents and stepsister. Then there is this billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne that dresses up at night as a bat and fucks all the town's girls even Spidey's sister. Spider-man finds out about this so he kills Batman runs far away from the town gets in to a car with a couple that picks up strangers only for the husband to force them to have sex with his wife and then brutally murder them. Spider-man ofcourse know better so he kills Jason Clarke and his wife then runs away again. But then the Winter Soldier finds out about this and is later revealed that Jason Clarke's wife was Bucky's sister. The Winter Soldier ofcourse can not let Spider-man roam free unpunished so he searches to find him. The Winter Soldier finds Spider-man but dies in the process. Spider-man escapes once again only to have a new life with a brand new identity: Nightmonkey.

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