Moonrise Kingdom ★★★★★

It is true that Wes Anderson films all follow similar themes and basic plotline, but Moonrise Kingdom might be Anderson's crowning achievement thus far.

Moonrise Kingdom seems to be a compilation of all the best aspects of previous Anderson films but refined and glorified into one delightful movie. Anderson pushes the ideas that he touches upon in other works and produces something even more sentimental and beautifully poignant than anything we've seen from Anderson yet, combined with unsurprisingly excellent performances and a beautiful soundtrack. Main characters Jared Gilman (Sam) and Kara Hayward (Suzy) are inexperienced actors, which is sometimes apparent in certain scenes, but they are undeniably charming together on screen. Their delivery is perfect for this film--deadpan, yet earnest. "Earnest" is the most fitting description for Moonrise Kingdom. The situations are somewhat exaggerated for comical effect (and, boy, does it work!), but achingly familiar to anyone who experienced childhood love. Moonrise Kingdom has a similar affect as Toy Story 3 does on viewers, leaving you wistfully reminiscing your own childhood and times in which love was a lot simpler. In addition to that, it's also just plain cute and extremely hilarious. This film is full of one-liners that had me losing it for several minutes. I think I barely stopped laughing throughout the entire film. The actors hit it on the nail in every scene. Not to mention Wes Anderson's famously meticulous style and coloring. But that can go without saying. Overall, I think this Moonrise Kingdom may have made it's way to the top of my favorite Wes Anderson films--and possibly, the top of my favorite films of all time.

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