Waking Life ★★★

This unique animation touches upon ideas that most films don't, from lucid dreaming to existentialism. These ideas are represented in an interesting way, portrayed through vignettes as the main character filters through different dreams while he sleeps. In each dream, the main character converses with people inside his dream, who share their unique philosophies with the main character. While these vignettes are extremely interesting, at times the film is very slow-paced, which makes it sometimes difficult to focus. Seeing as several different artists animated this movie, the animation is very inconsistent and changes stylistically every few minutes, which can distract from the movie itself. I found myself getting a headache from the constant jittering movement throughout the movie. Overall, I liked it. Waking Life proves to be more of an experience than simply watching a film--an experience that you'll be thinking of for a week after viewing it.